| Pizza Hut | Winner, winner, Pizza dinner!


pizza.pngYesterday the lovely bunch at Creative Communications, Oman and Pizza hut invited few bloggers to try out their newly launched cheesy twist pizza.

Pizza hut has opened their new outlet at Oasis mall, Al Khuwair. Shopping and pizza is a combination to swear by, trust me.

So we started with few appetizers like the good old friend, garlic bread and my new best friend ‘Wing Street Bone Out’ in three different sauces ( Garlic Parmesan, Fiery Peri-Peri and Sesami Teriyaki).

The Garlic Parmesan was too cheesy for me, but the Peri-Peri was delicious! I replaced water with their yummy Lime mojito while I made place for the pizza.


They bring in their cheesy twist pizza in three flavors:





I am that kind who goes everywhere and requests my food to be made spicy, so for me Fiery Peri-Peri stole the show. Also to note, there were no crusts wasted!

Just when I thought I had attained nirvana, we were served their Hershey’s cookie dough with vanilla ice cream. This was actually one of the most soft choco chip cookie I have had in Oman. Definitely will be something I’ll crave in a few days!


Do head over and try these out.

My pick would be the Fiery Peri-Peri chicken wings, cheesy twist pizza and the cookie dough with ice cream.

Bon Appétit




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