Dinner at Eatalian


My romance for Italian cuisine is old news  to all those who know me. I can dig into a bowl of pasta all day everyday. Moreover I’m this close to being a household name at every Italian joint in Muscat.  This affair even took me on a trip to Italy where I immersed in everything their cuisine had to offer! I take it very personally when asked about places to eat Italian food. I believe I have studied this matter with utmost care and observation that can match no one but an Italian himself.

Having said this, it would come to you of no surprise that I rushed to Avenue’s mall when I heard of a new Italian food joint! Firstly I wondered how my eyes missed seeing this place, then I realised that Avenue’s mall had another floor above the food court! It was almost like I fell down the rabbit hole and landed at a food haven.

The menu at Eatalian was a strange mix of Italian and European cuisine. A strange mix that somehow worked so well together. Apart from the usual Pasta and Pizzas, their menu embraced more dishes like steak and sliders inspired from Italian flavours.

We were greeted by their lovely staff and they were on their toes to serve us. While it took me some considerable time to pick what I want to order from the menu (It was equivalent to having to decide which kid of mine I liked more), we were served the Sheesha we ordered. Italian + Sheesha, could this get any better?

Finally, We ordered for the following:

Crispy tempura shrimps

It was served with a spicy dynamite sauce. The shrimp was well cooked and the sauce complemented the shrimps perfectly well.

Grilled chicken steak

This was a marinated half grilled chicken served with seasonal vegetables, rustic potato and a homemade sauce. I wish I had more of that sauce though. The potatoes were brilliant and didn’t fall under the shadow of meat on the plate.

Ice cream sorbet

They have different flavours you can pick from. Being a fruit lover, I left out the chocolate flavour and opted for Strawberry, mango and vanilla scoops. If you ever have known friends who order a lot and never finish it, that’s me for you. But I cleaned up this dessert bowl to squeaky clean and that speaking a lot!

Pomegranate Mojito

I liked the fizz this drink had to offer and it helped me quench my thirst going through the three courses.

Overall I was really impressed by their food and service. Specially the fact that they provided us with sanitiser after the meal and they kept pausing our sheesha when we were dining in order to keep it going for longer.

Our total bill came upto 18 OMR including water and Sheesha. I would rate it 9/10 overall.







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