Stripes for the win with Twenty4 Fashion

As Roopel Patel, fashion director of Saks Fifth Avenue said, “ Stripes have nine lives.” This trend is never going out of trend. Every season they are born again with new characteristics and elements. This season they are born under the name ‘ vibrant stripes’. This could also be owing to the fact that stripes go with everything. This might be the one pattern that is popular from chic to street style.



Twenty4 fashion had all types of vibrant stripes I was looking for to fill in the stripe void in my wardrobe.

My aim was to create a casual brunch look with stripes. I picked out this body fit striped maxi dress. Being a fashion blogger you tend to keep an eye for things with intricate details that sometimes you tend to loose an eye for comfortable clothes. But the blue in this dress called me out.



The good thing about a basic striped dress is that you can style it umpteen number of ways and simple things like accessories can decide which style you want to venture into.

I picked up this lovely diamond shape earrings which added that extra charm to my dress. Put them together and you have an elegant brunch look without looking like you tried to hard.



Maxi dress: 7.900 OMR

Earrings: 1.900 OMR

This is a collaboration with Twenty4 fashion. You can find everything I have worn here at their store. For more information on their store, visit

Photographer: Midhun mukund



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