Le Petit Paris


Last week Le Petit Paris extended a warm invite to few bloggers to try out their mouthwatering delicacies. I was excited because a few days prior I was introduced to this place by a bread lover. She claimed that they had the best multi grain bread. I’m not big on bread but I have a soft spot for desserts. I am one of those socially unacceptable person who has their dessert before their main course.

The store is located in the parking area of Qurum city centre and they also have an outlet at Mawaleh. We got to taste all their products, so here is a little review.




Price: 1.900 OMR

This is a coffee flavoured Italian custard dessert. It was as tasty as it looked. What I liked about it was that it was not too sweet.


Lotus cheese cake

Price: 1.900 OMR

Im a fan of Lotus biscuit, so for me this was perfect. Again not too sweet. This apparently is one of their most selling dessert.



Price: 2.100

I absolutely loved this! The royal is a chocolate mouse with a crunchy nut layer in between. Something like a Ferrero Rocher but only better. It was quote filling and rich in chocolate. You would probably not have room to eat anything else after this.


Strawberry tart

Price:  2.000 OMR

It had a soft biscuit base and was not hard like some tarts you would have tried. The custard too was nice and not too sweet.


Exotic passion fruit

Price: 1.900 OMR

The presentation is beautiful and I was honestly attracted towards the white coating. Although this one was a little too sweet, I wish it had more of the passion fruit flavour in it.

Apart from these they had lovely multi grain breads, lemon tart, fresh juices, coffee, sponge cakes and yummy macarons. Their ice creams are fresh and had some nice flavors like rose water.

I liked the idea of having it in the parking so that you don’t have to fight your way into the mall in order to grab a quick dessert. The pricing was reasonable and the taste was incredible. Overall I loved the place and I would definitely go back for more desserts.

Bon Apetit.





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