Bekende Burgers and Grill, Oasis Mall

Food and shopping are two wonderful words put together at Oasis Mall. The other day I was invited to try out one such food outlet at their mall called Bekende. Bekende is an American Bistro casual-dining restaurant serving Burgers ‘N’ Grills originated from Cape Town in South Africa.

Their fusion food is carefully crafted to match your taste and wallet. Their jazzy interiors are sure to catch your attention followed by their lovely staff.

Since I got there early, I decided to grab a drink while I waited for my fellow bloggers to arrive. After staring at their menu for some quality time, I settled for a Sunny Fizz. Sunny fizz was an amalgamation of watermelon, basil leaves, lemon wedges and Soda. It was refreshing and perfect for the weather.


The bloggers arrived and so did the starters! They brought us Aranchini Balls, Loaded Nachos with Chicken and Tex Mex Devil fries.

Aranchini balls were my favorite. The sheer joy of cutting through it and watch the trailing strands of melted mozzarella are priceless.

Aranchini balls were basically fried risotto balls with mozzarella, tomato, jalapeño & herbs, served with chili mayo.

The loaded nachos were really loaded with quality cheese. This would be a main course on its own if you have a dwindling appetite like me.

Tex Mex fries was impressive as they were made out of sweet potato. The fellow guests announced all appetizers excellent. Only suggestion brought up was to make the Devil fries spicier. Blame it on our Indian chili endearment.

To begin our main course, I ordered an Arrabbiata pasta in pink sauce. I won’t deny, it was rich and creamy. I loved it.


Now for the best part of the meal for a sweet tooth, the desserts! I shared a chocolate volcano with my dining companions. The chocolate volcano arrived as a beautifully presented large portion, which oozed perfect warm chocolate as I dived into it. It was really delicious and will make you go back for more!




My dinner at Bekende was a lovely experience. The service was attentive, the food was delicious and well cooked and the decor was funky, resulting in a relaxed casual meal. I have visited Bekende often, and it has consistently been a good experience each time, which is always a sign of a distinguished restaurant.


Thank you Bosky for the invite.


Recommended menu:

Aranchini Balls : OMR 2.000

Arrabbiata Pasta: OMR 2.900

Caribbean mango drink: OMR 1.900

Chocolate Volcano: OMR 2.200


You can find their menu and pricing at:



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