Gold Radiance facial at Kaya Skin Clinic


I have to admit I’m not particularly frequent with my facials. My skin care regime is pretty meticulous, and I take the time on weekends to try home remedies at home in order to keep my skin texture at bay. In general I fail to prioritise my facial appointments unless it is for a special occasion. However when Kaya Skin Clinic invited me to try their new premium facial called Gold Radiance, I was fascinated.


Onset my visit to the clinic I realized that the place was constantly packed with loyal clients who opted for their facials and lasers to be done at the clinic instead of a regular salon. While I sat there waiting, I was asked to fill a form with plethora of questions with regard to my skin condition. This was followed by a consultation with the doctor who analyzed my skin and suggested pertinent facials and treatments.


Once my consultation was over, my therapist, Mrs. Neha, guided me to the treatment room. She enlightened me about the anti bacterial properties of gold and how it will help remove toxins and repair damage caused by sunlight and pollution. You bet the real gold flakes I saw sitting there along with the other products they would be using for the facial thrilled me. Before commencing my facial, she explained the products and steps that will be used for the treatment.


What is the procedure?

  1. The therapist first prepped my face with a gold skin cleanser and toner. This helps to maintain the pH of the skin and tighten the pores.
  2. A three step gentle peel followed this; enzyme peel, Intensive peel and Peel scrub. Intensive peel contains glycolic acid and helps brighten the skin. Enzyme peel containing papaya and pineapple extracts helps remove the dead skin. The last was a duo peel, which was massaged in with a derma roller. This works as a mild scrub and helps in fading acne scars. A light tingling is experience by the skin during this step.
  3. Then came the most painful part called as comedone extraction. This is basically the procedure of removing your whiteheads and blackheads. If you haven’t done a clean up in a long time, you are going to be a prey to pain. Neha tried to make it as less painful as she could while on her mission to eliminate the whiteheads on my nose.
  4. Next, the eye serum and lifting serum is applied infused with gold flakes. This was my favorite part. This is infused into the skin with a heavenly massage using the gold vibrator. Almost put me into deep sleep. This step also included a lovely eye massage.
  5. A vitamin capsule was applied followed by a 24-carat gold and collagen mask. This was left on the skin for 10 minutes while I received a wonderful hand massage from the therapist.


After care

Like every skin treatment, this facial too requires you to follow some after care steps to maintain the effect of the facial. They will give you a printed leaflet with the after care details before you leave. So worry not! They got your back.



My skin definitely felt lot more hydrated and the pigmentation had reduced to a great extent. I had some uneven skin tone around my lips, which had also lightened. There was a gold glow undoubtedly and I roamed around with hiding under concealer. One week after the facial, my skin felt less bumpy. This would be an ideal treatment if you have any special occasion round the corner or just want to pamper yourself a little! I felt more comfortable having well trained therapists do my facial using sterilised equipment.


Rating: 9/10

Price: 85 OMR

Time: 90 minutes

Where: Kaya Skin Clinic, Villa No. 879, Way No. 3013 Sarooj Street Shati Al Qurm, Muscat 999, Oman.


*This post contains complimentary treatment, but as always, I never recommend anything I don’t love or wouldn’t use myself.



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