Somewhere over the rainbow with twenty4


Refreshingly called as the style symbol of the season. Rainbows are sprinkled everywhere in the form of unicorns, highlighters, clothes and even hair color.

The obsession with rainbows begin with the fact they are rare sights and always magical for the eyes that catch it.  Something so rare is bound to be so enchanting. I believe it eludes happiness in a very innocent way so close to waking up the inner child in you.  Also being a 90’s child, I hold very close to my memories of the rainbow slinky, skittles and leggings.

The same emotions were liberated when I saw this rainbow print t-shirt twenty4 fashion. There are indefinite ways of styling such a fun t-shirt. I then picked a lovely pleated ivory skirt to match the t-shirt. Pleated skirt is another fashion must have with a flirty flow. To wrap up, I styled up the outfit with a bright red pair of heels.



On a holiday, I would probably pair it with denim short and a pair of white sneakers. Alternatively with a black skirt, white sock and black oxfords.


Definitely going to go back to twenty4 to pick up more fun t-shirts on their display.  One cannot have enough t-shirts.



Rainbow T-shirt OMR 1.900

Ivory pleated skirt OMR 6.900


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