Let’s talk bodysuits and bold reds.



Gone are the days of rumpled tucked-in tops. Bodysuits are the solution to those t-shirts sliding up while you sit or stretch. Also a winner when it comes to accentuating your curves. They are almost like a base layer to your outfit. So what do you do when you walk into twenty4 and spot a bold red body suit nearly resembling Baywatch? You pick it up before the ones in your size runs out!


The rest wasn’t difficult. Finding something to wear with your bodysuit isn’t tough, the sky is the limit. I picked up a knee length leather skirt with rose appliqué. To complete the look, I picked up a pair of black strap heels which were so comfortable! I even didn’t have any new shoes blues, which I usually get.


Putting the three together, I was able to achieve an ultra feminine look. Finally, It makes me happy when Im able to put together great style regardless of the price tag. After all fashion is for all of us!


Outfit details:

Brand: Twenty4 fashion

Red bodysuit : OMR 2.900

Black leather skirt: OMR 5.900

Black heels: 6.500



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