YELASAi hair treatment at Artemis Centre

Last weekend, I headed over to Artemis Holistic Centre, to try out their YELASAi treatment. Samira and Nawaf Al Mughairi, the two lovely folks who own Artemis, promptly welcomed me. A quick chat with Samira and you are bound to be awestruck at her extensive knowledge about hair and holistic treatments.

The hair, just like any other part of the human body, is susceptible to frequent damage due to pollution, chemicals in the products we use and other factors. We often ignore hair fall and don’t push the panic button till we start getting bald patches. This is exactly why this treatment was alluring. They backed every process of your treatment with facts, science and logic. The YELASAi treatment also treats dandruff, itchiness, oily/dry scalp, frizzy thinning hair, sparse beard growth, thin eyebrows and eyelashes.

An interesting fact pointed out by Samira was that while other hair treatments made you dependent on them, YELASAi sets you free after your treatment. It restores your hair to its natural healthy state.


What is YELASAi?


Founded by Gianni Coria, YELASAi is an Ayurveda inspired treatment for your scalp and hair. It helps in strengthening your natural hair and restoring your natural hair thickness.



What is the procedure?

With YELASAi, you get a personalized hair treatment plan depending on your scalp and hair analysis, so the procedure will vary for everyone.



Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 7.34.04 AM

To understand the problem, we need to go back to the roots (No pun intended). At Artemis Centre, they use a 50- and 200- fold magnification camera that shows the minutest details on your scalp. Its fascinating to see each strand of your hair separately and worrisome to see the damage on your scalp. From this point you get a better understanding of what’s causing the issues you have with your hair.


The scalp analysis camera can help you see:


  • How well your hair roots are nourished
  • How much hair is in the growth phase
  • The consistency of grease on your scalp
  • How many dead hair are available
  • Which hair thickness of the newly growing hair
  • Whether each scalp pore is occupied by a hair
  • And much more


They also fill a form regarding your history with medications, treatments and concerns etc.





Water plays a very important role in this treatment. It’s believed to be a carrier of information that catalyzes the process. You are asked to drink a glass of water while the Hair active expert massages your scalp. The massage activates and stimulates the metabolism. The scalp benefits from an improved blood circulation while the hair roots are being supplied with more oxygen and nutrients.




A YELASAi herbal hair masque is applied to your scalp. This masque smells heavenly, you can smell the herbs incorporated in this mask.



A YELASAi scalp active peeling is applied to your scalp. This is used for an oily and coated scalp. Since I had done a Brazilian blowout previously, my scalp was coated with a thin layer of what looked like wax. The Natural crystals in this; opens the pores, cleans the scalp and removes excessive sebum. This process is extremely important for hair growth, so that the nutrients of Hair Active Tonic optimally penetrate and reach their full care power.




IMG_9857 copy

They steamed my hair for 15 minutes before they washed my hair and let it dry naturally.





Since this was just one session, I cannot talk about immediate drastic results. This treatment you need to ritually follow to see results. I learnt from my Hair active expert that what you see on the outside does not exactly translate to perfection on the inside.

But with one session, I can definitely say my hair felt a little healthier than what it was when I walked into Artemis. The scalp analysis was an eye opener to all the damage I have subjected my hair to. I would recommend this treatment to everyone who ignore the thick roll of fallen hair strands after a shower or those who try to cover up a receding hairline with different hairstyles. It’s priced reasonably and worth every penny.


Wishing you a good hair day!


Artemis Holistic Solutions

House 55, Al Bashair Street,

Madinat Qaboos

Opposite British Council

Muscat, Oman


Contact +968 9777 2077


Facebook –

Instagram –

Twitter –

Google Maps –



Other awesome things I found at Artemis Centre:



You can buy all these amazing YELASAi hair products at their center. I would recommend replacing your regular drugstore shampoos with these.




Flaska products. My heart skipped a beat when Samira flung a Flaska bottle on the floor to demonstrate the strength of the glass. But I was relieved to see that the glass hadn’t cracked a bit. It’s ideal to keep at work or store water at home. Flaska glasses are bombarded by orgone particles that aid in structuring water.


Substances which water comes into contact with have a vibrational effect on the water, and this vibrational effect can be imprinted onto it for a certain period of time — coherent domains of water molecules resonate with this vibration for a longer period of time. The same thing happens in bottles or water dispensers in which water is stationary for a long period of time.


Flaska bottles bring the vibrational structure of water closer to the structure of spring water, i.e. water in its natural environment – this is called water structuring.




Hair brushes with natural bristles and wooden handles that are easily washable.




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