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You’ve seen it on the runway, albeit in the form of dazzlingly complex showpieces, and you’ve seen it on the influencers outside global fashion weeks – plissé has made quite a splash in the industry this past year. The long and loose silhouette, which suits this trend so well, will also remain supreme with long plisse culottes becoming a top investment piece.

The lovely texture adds a dimension to your outfit by pairing it with cardigans or oversized shirts. Styling it is absolutely versatile! I paired my plissé pants with a bright yellow satin halter-top and a linked ring chain from twenty4.  There were so many ways to wear that I changed the way I styled it about three times for the shoot itself.  To begin I let the top loose, for the second look I paired it with a wide black belt and for the third look I tucked in the top at center waist.

Now I have a sea of shoes at home but I cannot resist buying new boots when I see them! I also found this lovely grey corduroy boots, which were so comfortable and went well with the whole look.

Keeping in theme with the ring necklace I even found a lovely handbag with a ring handle that almost looked like art! The best part of this is that all this came in good budget.


Shop my look:



twenty4 fashion



Plissé pants: 5.900 OMR

Yellow halter: 3.900 OMR

Grey boots: 8.900 OMR

Handbag: 5.900 omr

Linked ring necklace: 1.300 OMR




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